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With or Without You
 Author: Rohit Sukheja  Category: Literature & Fiction  Publisher: Evincepub Publishing Buy Now

About the book

With or Without You’ is book of quotes, poetry and prose that takes you on an extremely heart-felt journey through love, loss and everything in between. The quotes are simplistic in nature, hard-hitting and extremely relatable at the same time.

The book is divided into two parts :
-INHALE : Which talks about the feeling of falling or being in love or working on a relationship you feel is worth fighting for.
-EXHALE – Which talks about loss, heartbreak and learning to say goodbye.

Who is this book for?

The book is for all the boys and girls, men and women out there who have felt the bliss of falling in love or have suffered a loss in the past or are currently going through an ordeal. Because regardless of your age or whatever walks of life you’re from, or where you live, when it comes to the matters of the heart, we’re all in the same boat.

So if you want a book you can find an instant connection with, With or Without You, is for you. It also makes for a perfect gift for anyone who loves to read deep and meaningful quotes about love and relationships.

How will this book help you?

This book will help you give words to the emotions you find difficulty in expressing. It elevates you if you’re in love and gives you the strength to move on from heartbreak and helps you gather the courage to say goodbye.

The highly relatable nature of the quotes shows you that in some way or another we are all living similar stories or moments regardless of where you are in your personal journey through love or loss.

Reading the book is almost like talking to a friend who understands you. A friend who gives you their shoulder to cry on or just rest your head on, a friend who makes you smile, your 3 AM friend, but most importantly, a friend that reassures you that you will never be alone.

About the author

Rohit Sukheja is a man who delves into things that stimulate his curiosity or need for learning, especially on the subjects of ‘human nature’ and ‘astronomy’. He is a person whose foundation was built on logic and reason until a girl put everything he thought he knew into question and shook that very foundation to its core. She showed him a kind of love he thought had seized to exist, turning a skeptic into a believer. But one day, the best thing to have ever happened to him was taken away when tragedy struck and she passed away in a car accident.