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The Swinging Door Saloon
 Author: Randall McNair  Category: Literature & Fiction  Publisher: Bits of Steak Press Buy Now

Stifled creativity. Midlife mediocrity. Explore nitty-gritty struggles as viewed through the lens of whiskey, beer, and down-to-earth verse.

Any man might turn to his neighborhood bar after misfortune pays a visit. But when oppressive jobs, self-loathing, and a tall glass of liquid comfort strike at an artistic soul, they can trigger something truly unique. In this straightforward set of poems, a blue-collar guy stuck in a white-collar life brings the average joe’s daily frustrations to life in a raw and tongue-in-cheek voice.

Inspired by his decade-long bender at a local watering hole, his BA in Creative Writing and the poetry of Charles Bukowski, Randall McNair channels his malaise into witty, quirky, and above all, honest observations on the human condition. From a simple love of the female form to the heartbreaking loss of beloved family, this volume follows the ups-and-downs of an ordinary existence. If you’ve ever experienced a mundane tragedy, McNair’s reflections on hated professions, the salve of alcohol, and how to face death will resonate.

Dispatches from the Swinging Door Saloon is a refreshing collection of poems for people who hate poetry. If you like exploring the drunken mind, unpretentious writers, and folksy language, then you’ll adore Randall McNair’s levelheaded lines.

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