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 Author: Ashok Subramanian  Category: Poetry  Publisher: Notion Press Buy Now

Poetarrati features the poetry of Ashok Subramanian, a poet who draws inspiration from the people, events and thoughts from daily life. The mind is like the sky. Clear and daylight sometimes with the azure and the white sun; clear and dark sometimes; with the black and the twinkles of stars. Fuzzy with grey and violet clouds. And the multitude of colors in the horizon – from pink to orange. No colors hide. And in the mind of the poetarrati, no thoughts hide. Like the naked sky, the words cover myriad emotions, events and things in life. And the poems are a reflections of that. Deliberately designed a random collection, it reflects the random yet beautiful landscape of life. Volume 1 is an assorted collection of poems written by Ashok over the last decade. Volume 2 is about romance, starting at home then blossoming into a fictitious and unrequited love for ‘Angel’ and finally, the heartbreak and the demise of the poet.