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Out of the Park
 Author: Abhishek Shivaram  Category: Sports  Publisher: Notion Press Buy Now

Down on his knees! Clobbered that one in typical fashion! Unleashing the slog sweep; masterclass this! Heart-in-the-mouth situation for a moment but the batsman there pulled out a trick that he had camouflaged all this while! This is gonna get done easily from this point onwards we reckon. Three in three.

In comes the bowler. Play and a miss! Just did enough to literally kiss the edge. Three in two now.

Running in hard…Yet another jaffa!

The tide clearly in favour of the fielding side now! What a great leveller cricket is. The batsmen had it under control a couple of deliveries ago and now for the last one.

Got him! The wickets are cartwheeling. That’s that. The atmosphere is electric. Crowd ecstatic! Hearts pumping and the one who held his nerve under the pressure cooker scenario came out victorious!

Life’s not too different. It’s a lot like sports. You’ve got it under control on most occasions. But you never know when the tide’s pulling back.

Out of the Park is a book that demonstrates the mindset of a sportsperson and encourages you to think like one through anecdotes and life lessons learned from popular cricketers, administrators, coaches and support staff alike from the world of cricket.

It shows you how to be prepared to be on top of your game every single time. Because the ones around are playing to win as well. It highlights the importance of coming out of one’s comfort zone and treating winning and losing in the same breath. For staying calm under adversity helps tremendously whether in sports or in life.