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 Author: JVC Sreeram  Category: Education  Publisher: Notion Press Buy Now

The research base and case studies of JVC Sreeram are awesome. The anecdotes are engaging and the path to action is crystal clear. A must-read book to succeed in these pandemonium times.

VVS Laxman – Former Indian International Cricketer and Commentator.

This book by JVC Sreeram is an excellent analysis of the current situation and what one should do. It not only makes very easy reading but also holds the reader’s attention with the numerous anecdotes and interviews of leaders in businesses and professions.

PR Ramesh – Chairman of Deloitte India.

JVC Sreeram shows us how to adapt to the changes that are happening. This is a must-read book for individuals and entrepreneurs to quickly adapt and succeed amidst the turbulent times the world is going through.

Dr. Ivan Misner – Founder of BNI and NY Times Bestselling Author, USA.

The author brings out pragmatic leadership lessons and provides perspectives on how organizations can prepare for the new normal. There are number of lessons to be derived out of this book.

Lt. General Anil Kapoor, AVSM, VSM – Director General, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering and Senior Colonel Commandant, Indian Army.

The book gives a pointer to practical ways to navigate in this period of turbulence, disruption and change. In all, a wonderful, inspiring book written in a pacy, engaging style. A must read.

Sanjay Kaul – Chairman, National Collateral Management Services Ltd and Former IAS officer.