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 Author: SNEHA MANEK  Category: Education  Publisher: Notion Press Buy Now

How much does it cost to be a teacher?
Are only degrees and certificates enough to give one recognition as a teacher?
What are the other challenges one has to face to be teacher?
All these questions shall be answered if one feels like diving inside the system of education or even by diving inside the life of a teacher.
This book traces the hardships, expectations and reality of job seekers in today’s world; the sort of respect, recognition and space one shares in today’s world as a teacher.
A teacher is a human-being too. He/She too has other responsibilities towards one’s family, towards one own-self. But in the era of pandemic and digitization, working hours of teachers seem to be 24*7.
And after all these, what does the teacher get in return????
Mere salary!!!!!
There’s hardly any difference left if you compare the lives of corporate employees and teachers in today’s era.
If you feel like diving into the fake realities of the education system and experiences of a teacher, then do read this book.