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Get High
 Author: Sangeetha Sumesh  Category: Business, Investing & Management  Publisher: Notion Press Buy Now

How do you feel when you

  • Accomplish a task with speed, efficiency and finesse?
  • Achieve something that you thought you could not?
  • Keep getting consistently better in what you do?

You will feel proud, happy and experience a sense of accomplishment, right? You get a kick and feel high and mighty about yourself, don’t you? So, when you achieve what you want to, you surely “Get High”!

That is what this book is about. To enable you to get to a higher version of yourself in whatever work you do. It has short stories that you can learn from and activities that will enable you to achieve your goals to maximize your growth potential.

Go ahead. Be your own coach for high performance. Achieve what you want.

Because YOU CAN.