Best Practices

How to make the most out of ‘60 Seconds?’ App

Everything you need to make the perfect 60 seconds book summary

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    Welcome to the world of creators

    A 60 seconds book summary is just what you need to achieve more followers.

  • 2

    Have clarity

    Be clear about what all points to cover in the book summary

  • 3

    Pick your best book

    To get a solid first impression, do a video of your bestselling book first.

  • 4

    Post vertical videos

    To gift your readers with the best reading experience, avoid posting horizontal videos.

  • 5

    Nurture the bond

    One of the greatest bonds is that between an author and a reader, nurture it.

  • 6

    Wear your brand

    Create your own brand and reach out to more booklovers.

  • 7

    Leverage the power of social media

    Share your book summary snippets over social media platforms and gain engagements.

  • 8

    Presentation matters

    Keep it plain and simple. Simplicity wins hearts.