Best Practices

How to make the most out of ‘60 Seconds?’ App

Everything you need to make the perfect 60 seconds book summary

  • 1

    Welcome to the world of beautiful connections and endless conversations

    Just 60 seconds? to connect and converse with people around you

  • 2

    Post and share the excitement

    Upload photographs, a quirky status or a 60 seconds video clip with your connections

  • 3

    Get engaged

    Comment on your community’s posts and get engaged

  • 4

    Nurture the bond

    One of the greatest bonds is that of between you and your connections, nurture it

  • 5

    Wear your brand

    Own a business? Promote it here!

  • 6

    Let the hashtags rule

    Get noticed as you create your own trending hashtags.

  • 7

    Sorry, no bitterness allowed

    The world has enough bitterness already, please don’t add to that!