About 60 seconds? app

A short videos and vlogs app.

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The stage is set!

Display your amazing talent and skills to the entire world.
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About 60 seconds? app

Presenting here the 60 seconds? app, India’s own microblogging and social networking servicethat allows you to create, share and engage with your followers. Now you can uploadyour photos and videos, share what’s now and even promote your brand and business with us. The microblogging app also help you to grow your network faster through hashtags and trending topics. With 60 seconds?app you can:

  • Follow people from anywhere in the world and start your own conversation.
  • Share your favorite photos and videos with your followers
  • Have a strong linking and network base around the globe
  • Promote and market your business or brand to reach a varied audience.
  • Create hashtags and trending topics to gain more followers.
  • Download the free application available both in Android and IOS
  • Be assured of data privacy and security as it is hosted in India and the US.

More Features

Follow, share, engage

Expect an unexpected follower; make new connections each day

A detailed and regular insight, everyday

Whether it’s a topic on current affairs or what’s happening right now, share it with your followers

Going social is easy now!

From latest hashtags to trending topics, engage more with your followers in topics they love

Promote your brand and business

Market and promote your brand to gain more followers

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About the founders

’60Seconds?’ App is co-founded and backed by the team behind Code for India, a tech-driven non-profit that has made a significant impact in India and the US supporting the underprivileged.

The company is run by Co-founder and President, Kiruba Shankar, a digital marketing entrepreneur, author and professional speaker.

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