Ten tips to gain more followers on ‘60 seconds? App’

In case you don’t already know, ‘60 seconds? App’  is an application made in India, with the motive to build a creative online community for content creators and consumers.

This application is your chance to break free your inner artist and create a fan base from all across the globe.

The only difference between an artist and a star is – The Audience.

With this article, we aim to help you build that Audience, to give your talent the stage it deserves.

Tip Number 1 – #Niche

Before you start posting content, you need to discover your Niche. Knowing your Niche means knowing your target audience.

Having a target audience in vision is a crucial factor that helps you stand out and shine among the rest.

In a country like India, which has diverse cultures, content taste varies according to geographical location.

When you are comfortable creating content on a particular topic, it gives you the courage to experiment, and uniqueness is the by-product of those ceaseless experiments.

The unique content grabs the most maximum number of eyeballs, the quickest, consequently causing your content to go viral.

Tip Number 2 – #Consistency

Posting good quality content is good, but being perseverant is what makes a considerable difference.

To hold your audience’s attention, you need to entertain them regularly.

Use your creativity and think out-of-the-box. List down unique video ideas, and once convinced, start working on them.

On platforms like , ‘60 seconds? App’, where the video’s timeframe is so small, you can never have enough content.

Tip Number 3 – #BeTrendy

Keeping up with the trends for a content creator is of vital importance to build a strong audience base.

Every day you need to do your research and spot the new trends.

Explore the ‘Discover’ on your feed, and find the trending hashtags.

The combination of the soaring trend plus your distinct niche helps the viewers to discover your videos.

Most importantly- Become a trendsetter. Don’t be scared of experimenting, because if your exceptional idea goes viral, it will initiate a trend.

Tip Number 4 – #VideoQuality

The audience recognizes the efforts you put into your content and appreciates it. To gain that trust, you should go a little extra and invest time and labor into your videos’ quality.

It’s not feasible for everyone to get a hold off a fancy gear, but you can use the best camera you have by learning basic framing techniques on the internet.

Lighting is something that can take your video quality to the next level altogether. If you don’t wish to invest as of now, then you can research how you can learn how to make the most of natural lighting sources.

Spending a fair amount of time on editing plays a vital role in making your video sand out.

You don’t have to go overboard and exhaust yourself, but that one extra step you take always counts.

Tip Number 5 – #Caption

If a user is randomly browsing through his feed, a compelling caption can draw his attention towards your video.

You ought to put some thought behind your caption. Caption needs to descriptive and compelling at the same. 

Tip Number 6 – #Thumbnails

Catchy thumbnails are the first glance of your video that shows on the user’s feed.

They play a crucial role in translating a viewer into a follower.

Usually, a  bright and flashy thumbnail helps grab eyeballs towards your content and tempt them to press the click.

Tip Number 7 – #Profile

The two things that need your utmost attention on your profile are your username and profile picture.

Your name should be unconventional and easy to retain for people to save it in their memory.

One can’t underestimate the importance of a well-edited and clean looking profile picture as it helps to gain user’s trust, thereby increasing the chances of them following you.

Tip Number 8 – #Popular songs

Many times people explore videos created using their favorite songs.

If your video has the potential to incorporate a popular song, there is no way you should skip it.

You can also use the name of the song as a hashtag in your captions, as it increases the chances of your video to make it to the ‘Discover’ feed.

Tip Number 9 – #Timings

The correct timings are one of the underrated factors that define your success.

Building a fan base involves using a lot of tricks and techniques, of which timings to play a crucial role.

Based on your geographical location, the ideal timings can always vary. But with some research from the web and by asking appropriate people, you can figure out the right timings.

Success is no fluke. It’s the result of perseverant efforts done at the right time.

Tip Number 10 – #Promotion

Cross social media platform promotion is an outstanding technique for attracting traffic on your , ‘60 seconds? App’  account.

You can use trending hashtags and post your videos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Tag influential people, Influencers, and Famous pages. Even a single repost or acknowledgment can produce an acceleration in your following.

I hope this blog was deserving your time and will grow your followers exponentially and generate a strong fanbase.

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