How ’60 Seconds? App’ is changing the short video app game!

If you don’t already know, then ’60 Seconds? App’ is a made in India app, which is one of its kinds.

The application has been built with the intend to create an online community for content creators and consumers. Its several in-app features providing the freedom to unleash the creator’s inner artist, ’60 Seconds? App’ is changing the short app game.

Gone are the days when one needed a material stage to find an audience and showcase their skills. ’60 Seconds? App’ give you a global stage and a chance to display your talent and expertise from your home’s comfort in a tranquil setting.

If you haven’t already downloaded the application then you are refraining yourself from binge- watching on unlimited entertainment. The application provides content creators with limitless scope to produce content. One can showcase their culinary skills like baking or cooking, or can channelize their hidden fashionista.

All the videos are in the time frame of ’60 Seconds? App’, making the application extremely easy user friendly, giving the user confidence to create content as it’s not an extended period that they need to master. With this confidence, many people have turned into content creators that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to due to a lack of a necessary skill set.

60 seconds is proving to be a highly entertaining and addictive application as it creates a customized feed for its users. Every time you open the app, you receive an infinite flow of the content of your likeability. What makes ’60 Seconds? App’ unique is that it has a perpetual flow of fresh content, making it a great entertainment source.

Most of the people on the application are fresh content creators, making it easy for the audience to form a connection with them, thereby adding to its popularity.

Every household in India is unique and has its secrets skill sets that they have inherited from their elders. ’60 Seconds? App’ has done the job of connecting these households by letting them share their acquired knowledge.

India is a mine of raw talent, and giving them an audience to showcase their talent ’60 Seconds? App’ is helping people paint their reality in the colors of their dream.

Small length comedy videos are of the most viral videos on the internet as they provide immense entertainment in a brief period. Laughter serves as an anchor to help us survive in the difficult times that we are living in. With plenty of comedians using 60 seconds to showcase their talent, it sets the perfect example for a daily dose of entertainment.

There are many singers whose talent doesn’t get it is due because of a lack of publicity. In ’60 Seconds? App’, each user has the choice to use a song in their video, and many times when the video goes viral, it sets the trend, which automatically leads to the song becoming an overnight rage.

Since its launch, ’60 Seconds? App’ has managed to grab the eyeballs as it holds the potential of being a gamechanger.

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