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’60 Seconds? App’ is the best alternative for TikTok.

Mounting concerns about a potential cyber-attack on India, via Chinese applications, has led to the ban of 59 applications by the Indian government. Prominent among the list is TikTok. India was one of the biggest markets for TikTok which accounted for  44% of the app’s business. The US, which is another significant consumer, has declared to ban TikTok.

Adhering to the needs of those closely tied to TikTok, we have discovered the perfect ‘Made in India’ alternative, called – ‘60 Seconds? App‘. This is an extremely user friendly and lightweight application that doesn’t drain the storage and doesn’t hamper your phone’s speed.

Depriving a content creator of his or her online platform is like pulling an artist down a stage. The ’60 Seconds? App’  has rebuilt this stage for these artists by giving them a platform on a global level. With ’60 Seconds? App’ the only focus of a content creator is to showcase his skills in the best of his capacities within 60 seconds.

Once downloaded, you can easily set up your account by logging in through your Facebook, Linkedin or using your email id. The application is very user-friendly and you’ll be set-up within a minute.

Creating quality video content on ’60 Seconds? App’ is as simplistic as it could get.

The application comprises of many fun features that enable you to play around with your video.

With ’60 Seconds? App’ you get the feature of adding a caption to your video. The caption displays on the upper left corner of the screen while the viewer watches your videos. A catchy caption always manages to grab the viewer’s attention while they randomly scroll through their feed. If you use this feature wisely by putting some thought behind it, it can make your content appeal widely.

If you are a cook who yearns to share his culinary skills;  a dancer who seeks an opportunity to flaunt their moves; an actor who wants to portray his talent and mesmerize the audience; a fashion icon who wishes to showcase her unique style- ’60 Seconds? App’ is for you. It’s a community that can incorporate an endless influx of talent. With ’60 Seconds? App’ time to unleash your talent, and we have set the stage ready.

And if you make a great audience who perpetually craves entertainment, then ’60 Seconds? App’ is where you need to. We assure you unceasing entertainment at your fingertips. With ’60 Seconds? App’, we entertain you, educate you, motivate you. Give us your time, and we will make sure it’s going to be worth it.

Whether it is Android or iPhone version of the app, download the app now.  

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