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6 Tips for Being in Front of the Camera While Creating Micro Videos

Are you seeking to display your diverse talents through fun videos in front of the world? Then, making effective and stunning micro-videos can be the best solution for you. Micro videos are one of the best ways to express what you want to shortly and crisply. Making splendid videos does not require expensive pieces of equipment but practice and motivation. And here are some wonderful tips for being in front of the camera while creating entertaining micro-videos for your audience:

1. Understand Your Camera Presence

One of the best tips to make a highly professional video is to understand your camera presence. Be confident even if by chance you have said something wrong. Confidence is the key to make the videos stand out. The way one carries oneself on the camera matters a lot. Work on your body language and most importantly the way you speak needs to be very calm and relaxed.

2. Smile Is the Best Medicine; But Overdose Kills

Smiling helps to connect with the audience you are making a video for. But if the matter or the message is related to social awareness, focus on your body language and ‘control’ your smile. Smile only when necessary. Expressions play an essential role in micro-videos. In short, use the expressions according to the message you want to deliver.

3. Crisp Clean and Simple Video Helps To Deliver the Message Perfectly

Always keep in mind that your video is a micro-video and not a prolonged one. Therefore, it is advisable that you be very clear about your message and statement. Keep it very simple and be straightforward. This not only makes you more appealing but genuine too.

4. Never Rush: This Will Make You Fumble While Speaking Its Better to Go Slow

Slow and steady wins the race! Rushing while speaking your mind on the camera can be tough for those who are not camera friendly. Hence, it is better to go slow and take a pause after sentences. This will make you confident while speaking on camera and you will surely avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

5. Practice What You Have To Speak To Enhance Your Confidence Level

Record what you have to speak on camera; this will help you to gain confidence. Moreover, practicing will help you know where exactly you need improvement. Recording your content on the camera will also help you to understand your screen presence, body language and expressions. There is always an extra room for improvement by doing this.

6. Video Needs To Be Entertaining As Well As Informative

Being a micro-video maker, grabbing your viewer’s attention throughout 60 seconds is very important. To help you with this choose a video subject with striking content. Further, if you want your audience to stick up till the 59th second, make the video informative, entertaining and eye-catchy.

Summing up knowing your camera presence, appropriate body language, right expressions and strong but crisp content is all you need to rock your audience. So, just keep in mind the above points while being in front of the camera and off you go!!

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