How to make your videos go viral

10 Ways to Make Your Video Go Viral

Everyone is an artist; some are just seeking their audience. The joy of touching millions of lives through self- expression is unparalleled. If you are a talent who desires to discover the right audience with a dearth of adequate knowledge, this article befits your needs. One might want to believe that a viral video is a stroke of luck, but in reality, it’s everything but that.

In our list, we have condensed all the steps one needs to take to make their video Viral.

  1. Idea
    Every successful venture starts from an idea. Ask yourself, what is that you want to communicate? At this step, you don’t need to know it all, but one thing you need to be clear about is your intension. Your idea can either come from within or be inspired by something influential you came across. And at times it can be an amalgamation of both.
  2. High-quality content
    An idea is only as good as its execution. Once you have your idea, you need to develop your perspective. Spend your time and efforts to do knowledgable research, and make shareable content.

    In today’s time, only a few seconds in the video are enough for the viewer to decide whether it’s worth making it till the end. Make the best of what you have; the best camera, the best lighting, the best sound, the best editing. You never know if you start a trend.
    Content is the undisputable king!
  3. Be a Storyteller
    To grasp your audience’s attention, you need to engage them. And
    presenting your content in the form of a story is what it takes. Create a narrative; it forms a connection. A sense of familiarity is what creates the attraction, the desire to invest emotionally.
  4. Keep it Brief
    With the infinite amount of content streaming on the internet, on all
    social media platforms, the audience has plenty to choose from. An average person has a short attention span, which varies from 45-60 seconds. Most of the viral videos lie between this particular time frame. Try to keep your content precise and enjoyable.
  5. Title
    The title is the initiation point of your video’s fate. A good title is what it takes for the video from being popular to going viral. Title generates curiosity, and curiosity makes the ‘Click’ happen. Take your time, and give it a deep thought because the title can prove to either be a catalyst, or a loophole.
  6. Market it!
    No matter how much you like your content, it’s true worth is defined by the audience it reaches. At times you can’t predict which social media platform is more sensitive towards your content, and it might vary globally. And hence the wise thing to do is to publish it on all social media platforms, following the suitable norms that work the best for that particular platform. You can also take help from your peers, and ask them to spread the word.
  7. Collaborate with brands
    To take your marketing to a notch higher, you can try incorporating brands in your video, as it creates a win-win situation at both the ends. The brand profits from the free out-of-the-box promotion and instead helps you get a platform through their social media presence.
  8. Know when to post-In life, timing is everything.
    Success means doing the right thing at the right time. According to many surveys, Monday and Tuesday are the most suitable days to release a video to gather maximum eyeballs.
  9. Learn from the best
    The true wisdom is to learn from the best.
    Before you embark on your journey to create content, you should spend a considerable amount of time dissecting other’s videos and understanding what worked in their favour.
  10. Don’t expect it to go viral
    Though this might sound cliché and contradictory to what we have discussed so far, at times, the best thing to do is to learn everything
    and then unlearn it. It helps us be in the right frame of mind, which prevents us from hindering our inner artist’s voice and lets him perform at the best of his capacities.

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